About News Curator

News Curator makes it easy to discover news content that interests to you. Using sophisticated machine learning algorithms, we learn about your interests and present relevant news stories in an automated way.

Schematic overview

Our algorithms use artificial intelligence, in particular advanced natural language processing, to analyze news content in depth. They identify the overarching topics and storylines. They consider what you like and dislike. And they look at what other people with similar interests are doing. This ensures an essential element of serendipity, and avoids a filter bubble. All combined, News Curator brings relevant stories to you that you might have missed otherwise.

News Curator is automated and requires hardly any extra effort from you.

It Is Social

You can give us permission to follow your social networks passively in the background. From anaylzing your posts on those networks, our algorithms can further fine tune the news stories selected for you.

And when you read something interesting on News Curator, our app makes it particularly easy to re-share that content. This makes News Curator an ideal tool for content marketing.

It Is Secure

News Curator uses HTTPS for all its communications. Our infrastructure is located in a secure facility in Zurich, Switzerland.

We respect your privacy. Personal information is only used to enhance your experience with our service. Any other use is in aggregated, anonymous form. Our privacy policy describes this in detail.


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